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  • Brand:    Bittel
  • Type:    iMediacast


iMediaCast offers an innovative, affordable way to upgrade hotel in-room entertainment offerings which enables guests to effortlessly mirror and stream content from their mobile devices to the in-room TV.

iMediaCast is intuitive and comes with three wired-connection options, which supports most mobile devices along with a wireless connectivity module that
supports Miracast and Airplay.

It also supports two kinds of charging solutions for the mobile devices: wired and wireless.

It connects easily to the existing TV's HDMI port and does not require network or TV upgrades. Guests can access content using their own LTE or 3/4G network or be given access the hotel's Wi-Fi network.

The preferred location is on the writing-desk under the TV.

Functions Illustration:


Audio/Video Features
Supports Seamless Screen Mirroring of Mobile Devices via Wired  connectivity
Supports Seamless Screen Mirroring of Mobile Devices via Wireless connectivity (Optional)
Wired video support for Apple products: iPhones, iPad and iPod Touch
Wired video support for Android and Microsoft platforms including support for all major smart phone MFG’s including: Samsung, HTC, LG, Google, Moto, Microsoft etc.
Wireless support for both Airplay (Apple products) and Miracast (All Android or Microsoft products)
Support for HDMI connectivity for screen sharing of PC/Laptop
Works with all major hospitality TV brands. Plug and Play, no TV remote control required.

Mobile Charging Features
High powered chargers
QuickCharge compatible on USB ports for fast charging rate.
Support for Qi wireless charging (Optional).

Networking Features
Works with existing TVs. No update to TVs required
Works with existing Wifi Network, No WiFi network upgrades required.
Works with existing Internet Connections, No Internet Bandwidth upgrades required
Very Easy Installation.

Hotel Telephone Features (Optional)
With keypad on handset
Three service buttons programmed according to hotel's requirements
Large faceplate

Connect Apple products

Connect Android products

Model & Function:

Model Number
    1Supporting Seamless Screen Mirroring of Mobile Devices via Lighting Connector

    2、supporting Seamless Screen Mirroring of Mobile Devices via MHL ports (5 pin or 10 pin)

    3、Multi-Function Charging Cable

    4、Two USB charging Ports

    5、wireless charging (Optional)

    6、Telephone feature (Optional)

    7、Large faceplate

    1、Supports Seamless Screen Mirroring of Mobile Devices via Wireless connectivity (Airplay and Miracast)
    2、Supporting Seamless Screen Mirroring of Mobile Devices via Lighting Connector
    3、upporting Seamless Screen Mirroring of Mobile Devices via MHL ports (5 pin or 10 pin)
    4、Multi-Function Charging Cable
    5、Two USB charging Ports
    6、wireless charging (Optional)
    7、Telephone feature (Optional)

    8、Large faceplate

Main Parameters

  Input : AC100V-240V/50Hz       Output: DC12V4A
  Audio &Video input
  HDMI, MHL, Lightning, Mircast, DLNA, AirPLay, Slimport (optional)
  Audio &Video output
  CEC, RJP, RS232
  USBCharging Ports
  USB output : DC5V 1A(Max)      Multi-Function Charging Cable supports two devices at most
  Condition  of circumstance
  Temperature: +5℃~+35℃
  Humidity: 25%~90%
  Storage temperature:-15℃~+45℃
  Atmospheric pressure:86~106Kpa

   Note: In order to protect the device, if storage temperature lower than 5℃, please keep the MediaFi in normal

   temperature for 3 hours, then connect the power to use.

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