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Lots of Marriott Hotels have already switched to UNOMedia 5

2017/2/16 8:56:20

Bittel UNOMedia5 combines the essential features & functions required by hotels such as Bluetooth, NFC, charging station, radio, alarm clock and hotel phone in ONE. UNOMedia5 has become the new Norm of Marriott. More and more Marriott hotels selected the Bittel UNOMedia5.

      UNOMedia 5
                        ——Serving your smart phone is serving you

Courtyard San Fran Airport, San Bruno, USA

Calgary Marriott Downtown Hotel, Canada

Marriott Park View, Falls Church VA, USA

Residence Inn Hartford Avon, Avon OH, USA

Marriott Raleigh, Raleigh NC, USA

Courtyard San Francisco CA, USA

Residence Inn Manhattan, Residence Inn Manhattan, USA

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