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Las Vegas Hilton Grand Vacation Club choose Bittel multimedia hotel phone as standard guestroom phone

2017/2/15 16:58:30

Rizhao, China(Feb., 2014)----Great news from Bittel Headquarter! 
Since the debut of Bittel multimedia hotel phone, more and more international top hotel chains have acknowledged the innovation and switches to Bittel. Up to now, a large number of hotel chains, including Marriott, Hilton, IHG, have chosen Bittel multimedia phone as the new standard guestroom phone. Over 200 hotels and resorts have installed Bittel multimedia hotel phone. 
Recently, Hilton Worldwide announced that the prestigious Las Vegas hotel, Hilton Las Vegas Resort is under comprehensive upgrade and redecoration, all the guestrooms and suites would deploy Bittel multimedia phone. At that time, over 1200 units of Bittel multimedia phone will enhance guests experience as well as satisfaction.

About UNOMedia 4: With the small footprint of the UNOMedia4,guest have the space they need to recharge and play their mobile devices at the nightstand. It has the patent-pending,upgradable EasyCharge cable.Guest can conveniently connect their Apple legacy,Apple lightning,Micro USB(Andriod,Blackberry and Windows)and audio 3.59(for music).The patent-pending SmartSense feature enables guest to turn on the clock backlight or snooze the alarm simply by moving their hand close to the Media4.The optional Bluetooth feature(for model UNOMedia4B )enables guest conveniently play high fidelity music from Ipod/iPhone,Smart Phones etc.

Amari Watergate Hotel,

200 sets of UNOMedia4
cordless phones have been installed.

Elite World Istanbul,Turkey

About 200 sets of UNOMedia4
have been installed.

Golden Tulip,Morocco

More than 150 sets of UNOMedia 4 
have been installed.

Oaks Hotels& Resorts ,Australia
(including Oaks on Wiliam,Oaks Oasis 
and Oaks Grand)

More than 500 Sets of UNOMedia4 have
been installed.

Philippines Marco Polo

313 sets of UNOMedia4
have been installed.

Ramada Lalel Istanbul ,Tureky

About 150 sets of UNOMedia4
have been installed.

Watermark hotel bristane Australia

280 Sets of UNOMedia4 have
been installed.

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