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Bittel charging hotel telephones chosen by Azimut group as “only designated brand”

2017/2/16 10:06:53

The present winter Olympics Games in Sochi is different from the past ones in its largest input, latest infrastructure and the pursuit of technology and innovation. So, Sochi winter Olympics Games becomes the competition platform not only for the athletes but also for the new technology trend. Being the No. 1 brand in hotel telephone industry and years of experience, Bittel is chosen by Azimut group as the “only designated brand” by experience over the years.


Azimut is the biggest official reception hotel for Sochi winter Olympics games and The most comprehensive hotel in Europe. Consisting of Azimut Hotel Resort & Spa Sochi and Azimut Hotel Sochi, the Azimut in Sochi Olympic park opened on Dec. 6th, 2013. Being the biggest star hotel in Sochi, Azimut attracts the global athletes, coaches and judges to live in during the winter Olympics Games.

At the mobile internet era, the global events organizer has to focus on the charging of mobile devices since all these mobile devices are used by us all day long. Caring about the convenience of charging, Bittel’s global leading charging telephone - U series is selected by Azimut group in all the 3600 guest rooms and suites.

In terms of the competition, the biggest winner in hotel telephones during the Olympic Winter Games ,Bittel undoubtedly has been  the final winner. As a  Chinese domestic brand, Bittel stands out among many international competitors ,which is largely attributes to the
humanity and automatic creation. For instance the Bittel multimedia telephone and charging telephone have set the new standard of global hotel guestroom telephones, Moreover Bittel media telephone and charging telephone have been imitated by foreign competitors and make a great contribution to Chinese independent innovation.“Made in China “begins to take up the heavy responsibility in guiding  technology  development of global hotel industry.

Innovation is the key for any development. Bittel will  continue to work hard for humanity innovation in hotel technology. Relying on new products integrating many functions of  advanced and reliable performances, and with the biggest technology factory of global hotel telephone industry, Bittel aims to provide global hotel with the most reliable and humanity products and service .

About Azimut Hotels
As a famous hotel group in Europe .It’s headquarter is located in Moscow in Russia. It ranks 266 among the leading 300 hotels in global hotel groups. It’s mainly located in Russia, Germany, Austria. Bittel charging hotel phone is well received by the Azimut

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