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Bittel Product launch conference achieve complete ceremony In Saudi Arabia

2017/2/23      view:


Rizhao, China (Jun., 2016)--- Bittel Electronics, the professional Smart Hotel Entire Solution supplier is glad to announce that Bittel successfully achieved the goal of ‘Splendid May’and sales amount grows significantly. Meanwhile, three unprecedented successful product conferences about Bittel Intelligent System attract full attention of attendances in Saudi Arabia.
From 18th May to 19th May, Bittel hold the first Conference in Riyadh, the engineer from BTC(Bittel Certified Partner), Yasser demonstrated Bittel Intelligent Room management System and IPTV System, which got a high evalution.


Yasser, The BTC engineer in the Riyadh Conference site


In 22nd May, Bittel made the second Conference in Madina, Alexander, the Vice Sales Director of ME&Tai introduced the Bittel Intelligent System with the title of “Serving your smart phone is serving you”. The concept got widely regarded and high evalution. Tarek and Yasser, chief engineers of BTC, demonstrated the Guesttec RMS, Interactive Peephole Viwer System, UNOMedia 5 and so on.

The Bittel Team in the Madina Conference site

Bittel made the third conference in Khober on May 24th. The Topic content was in correspondence with the second conference.


Alexander,The Vice Director of ME&Tai in the Khober Conference site

The Khober Conference site

By holding these product conferences, Bittel made a big influence and received high recognization in Saudi Arabia Market. That will lay the foundation to Bittel and its partners for bright future of mutually beneficial cooperation and common prosperity.